What We Do

Sisters forum aim is to engage, educate and empower BAME women within the communities who are vulnerable and isolated, with the skills and confidence necessary to become independent, secure a job, create a healthy lifestyle, and regain confidence for themselves and their children.

Real Life Stories

Sara Ahmed

"My ammi was victim of abuse. We had no one. No family. My dad hit my ammi a lot. Tell her things like you are ugly. You are stupid. Am a fool for getting married to you..."

Nilema Begum

"I ran away with my 3 kids from Newcastle fleeing 20 years of marriage. I suffered Domestic abuse. I was constantly reminded that I wasnt good enough..."

Impact Stories

Khadija Kor
"I was suffering from depression and loneliness throught the friends and professional help I received from sisters forum coffee morning. I was able to be happy again."
Geeta Kaur
"I attended mental detox Classes which helped me deal with a childhood trauma that held me back for many years. The trainer was very calm and friendly."
Nitu Khatun
"I took advantage of all the free training that was given now I have successfully become a Teaching Assistant and my daughters school."
Tosh Begum
"My husband was a drug addict abusive towards me and my daughters. With sisters forum support I was able to move away from a toxic relationship and made me feel safe. Now am taking up training to get into a job. And be in control of my situation."