My ammi was victim of abuse. We had no one. No family. My dad hit my ammi a lot. Tell her things like you are ugly. You are stupid. Am a fool for getting married to you. Always bought a new girl friend in the house. And then they laughed at her and make my ammi cook for them. If she didnt they would hit her. Ammi was scared never said anything.
A girl use to always come to my house. My ami said that’s her friend to call her khala or sometimes we would go to the library or park to see her. For a long time.  She got me and my sister sweets and sometimes toy stationary books. and always said I was beautiful when am not and played with my sister when she was little .And her and my ami talk for hours. Ammi was happy when she came. She use to come every Thursday. So that man wouldn’t hit my ammi that day.
She didnt come for a long time. One day she came after minths. She was visiting someone in our area and was on her way to our home Heard me and sister crying I ran out the house with no shoes no coat in winter. The man hit my ammi I screamed to her. She hugged me and my sister and said you are save now.
She called the police and put my ammi and sister in a save home. She took us to many different offices bought coats and shoes food. Help us escape. It wasnt easy. 
That why I help out with sisters forum. They helped my family when no one cared. That’s why we need your support.
 To help more families like mine.